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How it Works


HC Golf is a mobile application that connects you with a golf instructor for immediate swing feedback. Simply upload a video of your swing, and pick a coach. Or, send it in to our team for immediate swing feedback!

How to use the app

Take the app on the range, or out on the course. Your instructor will edit your video submission and send you detailed feedback. If you have never taken a golf lesson before, this is a great opportunity to start. If you have taken lessons before, then you may find your instructor in our network already! (And if he isn't, tell him to get his butt on the app!)


Students send you video of their swing, you provide feedback, you get paid. HC Golf is your best teaching aide. The app allows students to find you, upload videos of their swing, and book in person sessions simpler than ever before.

Requirements for coaching

You must be a qualified coach. We are looking for instructors with professional or academic experience only. Exceptions may be made for applicants with considerable playing experience that are in the process of becoming a professional instructor. You must own an iPhone or Android in order to use the mobile applications. In order to be approved, you must pass a phone screen, an in-person meeting and employment verification. To protect the students, we also verify any claimed certifications.

The approval process

We try to contact every applicant within one business day and the verification process generally takes 3-5 business days.

Receiving money

All coaches receive 80% of each transaction. Money is distributed every two weeks with a detailed activity report for the previous pay period.

Choosing rates

You choose your rates. A good rule of thumb is to discount your video lessons 10-20% in comparison to your in-person lessons.

The minimum rate allowed is $5. This is for payment processing purposes.

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